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Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons for Symbian

Play Angry Birds Seasons for free

The latest version of Angry Birds Seasons is an Easter special of the mega popular View full description


  • Great season-themed graphics
  • Fun, challenging gameplay
  • Variety of birds
  • Simple controls


  • Repetitive gameplay


The latest version of Angry Birds Seasons is an Easter special of the mega popular Angry Birds mobile game.

Including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day versions of the game too, Angry Birds Seasons plays exactly the same as the original. This free version of Angry Birds Seasons allows you to play a total of three levels from each of these themed versions.

Your mission is to destroy the pigs that are wedged in a series of elaborate constructions. You do this by aiming and catapulting your birds at the structure in order to smash it and hit the pigs.

The Easter-themed levels of Angry Birds Seasons include plenty of brightly colored eggs and bunnies, and the whole feel of the game is very springlike.

It's a shame the developer doesn't experiment a little more with the gameplay as well as the graphics in these seasonal updates. That said, the difficulty of the levels in Angry Birds Seasons is enough to keep you distracted until next Christmas!

Angry Birds Seasons is a fun update to the popular series of games, with a colorful Easter theme in keeping with the Spring season.

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Angry Birds Seasons


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